How can I see who has won?

As you scroll down the page you'll see blocks with text and images. Some of these will be ads (they pay for the prizes!) and some will be winner blocks. 

Winner blocks will have 'DINNER WINNER!', an image and a username in them. They also say 'unclaimed' in a grey bubble. Once the winner has claimed the block will turn pink and show the winner's chosen prize.

If the winner block contains your username (this must match completely; Hotdog123 is different from Hot Dog123) then you'll see the same unclaimed winner block, but it'll have a clickable green claim button. 

TOP TIP: As you scroll down the page, keep an eye on the blue bar at the top (it has the countdown to the next draw on it). The little white dots will go from grey to white (for unclaimed prizes) and pink (for claimed prizes) This will stop you from missing a winner's block! :) 

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